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A well-executed multimedia would ideally be a perfect fusion of design, content, animation and music. Employing the latest animations techniques and eye-catching screen designs, VR Online has executed an array of Multimedia Projects for a variety of clients.

Multimedia Presentations are used extensively for various marketing purposes. Thanks to the interactivity and dynamism, they are proven to be the most compelling of all creative communications.

Be it a Corporate Presentation, Product Demo, Computer Based Training (CBT) Movie or a personal portfolio of an aspiring model, multimedia can bring out your message in the most compelling way.

So the next time you need a Multimedia Presentation to be done or need to see some of our works, just get in touch with us.

Macromedia Flash is the most dynamic, fast-loading and interactive animation tool for the web. Flash can Incorporate Text Animations, Image Effects, Sound Loops, Video Clippings and even 3D animations!
Flash Movies are preferred over any other animation tools thanks to its quicker downloading feature and interactive capabilities. Flash Animations can also be developed faster than 3D Animations and occupies much lesser file space.

At VR Online our high creative screen designs and expert action scripting have resulted in several highly engaging Flash Movies. We have to our credit, Flash Movies created for Website Intro, Flow Diagrams, Logo Animations, Corporate Demos and Animated Games.

Be it a software product, service offering or a new technology gadget, no other communication medium is more effective than Product Demos.
At VR Online we employ the full power of flash along with other animation technologies to come up with highly appealing demos. These demos can educate and enthrall the visitors to your site and thereby persuade them to take an action favorable for your business.
Provisions can be given for the demos to be played online or downloaded to one's system and viewed later.
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