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In many ways, a website is much like any product or service. If not marketed properly, no one gets to know about your website, and thereby your company.
Though Web Marketing companies exist a dime a dozen it’s a debatable issue on how much of them actually helps in getting your site the exposure you want. At VR Online we focus on the following mediums to market your website:
Banner Ads: From static to highly dynamic and interactive Flash Animated Banners, we can come up with the right Banner Ads that can be strategically placed on your website or any other high-traffic portals. Apart from suggesting the right sites to place your banners, we can also negotiate on the rates with the chosen sites.
We can allot fixed hours every month, week or even day to work on updating your website by publishing new pages, changing or adding new images or text, maintaining links and even checking for any possible virus attacks.
E-mailer Campaigns: Though we are averse to the whole idea of sending out mass mailers, it should be admitted that emails with the right content mailed to the right person elicits more response than any other medium. We can develop text-only emails or html mailers and also assist you in mailing them to the right audience.
Apart from these, we also can effectively optimize your site to list on top of search engines and also recommend other marketing ideas like banner exchange and advertising in leading search engines and industry-specific portals.

Having a website online doesn't mean you have visitors to the site too. Research says that over 85% of all web browsing happens through Search Engines. When Search Engines play such a vital part in driving valuable hits to your site, can you afford to ignore optimizing your site to list on top of Search Engines?

At VR Online we have studied in-dept the ways in which each Search Engines Spider the web pages and have discovered the right solutions to optimize your website. Our Search Engines Optimizing happens right at the design phase itself so that the website is engineered with Search Engines and directories in mind. Our content developers can come up with the texts rich in search terms and also give a succinct site description and keywords.

Our service include hand submission to all the leading Search Engines and Directories, while ensuring that submissions to the top 5 are carried out with extreme diligence. To add on to the transparency and efficiency of the optimizing, VR Online also presents detailed monthly reports on the search standing for particular keywords.

It Usability Testing is a process that measures how well a web site or software application allows its users to navigate, find valuable information quickly, and complete business transactions efficiently. Usability Testing is a critical component in the development process that ensures an overall good user experience.

At VR Online, we develop typical tasks for users to perform on a design or interface and observe how they are able to complete the desired tasks. Throughout a testing session the team of Usability Analysts carefully watch the user's actions and listens for feedback related to the design or interface. We look for design flaws that present obstacles to users' ability to complete simple tasks.


After gathering information related to how users are able to complete the tasks and reach their goals, we write recommendations to our clients on how to improve the users' experience.

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