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The web has changed the way businesses function. Internet banking, online shopping, online stock trading, consultancy, recruitment, extranets, e-crm are proven and time tested examples of highly successful Web Applications.

VR Online also plays the role as your strategic technology provider enabling the design and development of secure, scalable and flexible web-based applications.

HTML, ASP, JSP, PHP, Java and Javascript, Databases, Oracle, SQL, Access, OS Windows, Linux

Internet Researchers have stated that the percentage of online shoppers have drastically increased over the years unlike predicted. This is due to the growing credibility and success rates of E-Commerce Businesses worldwide. Retailers, Merchants / Merchant Establishments and Product Based Companies have extended their reach globally by enabling online shopping in their website.

VR Online’s in-built E-Commerce Designer package enables a full-fledged E-commerce Website to be developed in less than two weeks. The package includes a customized product catalog development module as well as a pre-designed admin module that allows future additions and modifications to the shopping contents in the website.

VR Online ensures that all E-commerce Websites are enabled with optimum security (VR Online recommends the use of either PayPal or Authorize.Net components. For clients in the Indian Continent, ICICI's PaySeal is a great choice to make online shopping quick and easy) and certified with the security seal from either VeriSign or other security certificate service providers.

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